Pathfinder 2e Tactics

The purpose of this blog is to help DMs take some already interesting encounters and make them really ‘POP’. As a GM I often overlook key aspects of a monster’s personality, motivations and synergies because I’m managing too many things at once. Paizo (and to be clear I adore Paizo’s APs from first and second edition and second edition in particular) often comes up with excellent characters – but provides little-to-no advice about how abilities should be used, which unfortunately requires the poor GM to have mastery over not only the entire spell list from all schools, but also all untrained skill actions.

Often key, end of book epic encounters are stat block and “X fights to the death”. In this series I want to take the awesome lessons taught by Keith Amman of “The Monsters Know What They’re Doing” and apply this to key encounters from Paizo’s APs. Seriously if you haven’t read his summary to monsters and stats here – go and read it now. It forms the basis for everything that comes after. Also, if you can afford it, go support him by buying his books!

Jaggaki – Lich
So Jaggaki (public stat block) is the first cast in AoA who …
Pib and Zarf – Kobold Dragon Mages
Motivations Let's begin by jumping into an encounter as an example with …