Jaggaki – Lich

So Jaggaki (public stat block) is the first cast in AoA who should be played as if he’s smarter then the GM because, with a +5 Int AND the benefits of being a lich he probably is. Is mechanical terms I imagine that, in order to become level 13 or 13 he must have in the past defeated the equivalent of 25 level 12 monsters (which include things like adult dragons, giants, worms etc). He knows his shit and the party should become aware of that as the battle progresses.

Most players will assume (incorrectly) that he will target good aligned casters (clerics, champions, divine sorcerors) when that is the furthest from the truth due to his buffs against good aligned magic. He is fully aware that magical bludgeoning damage gets through his DR and will focus his attention on that PC first, trying to take them out using flesh to stone if their fort save is low.

Notable skills: arcana and athletics, dark vision

Notable attributes: Str +6, Int +5,

+1 status to all saves vs. positive

Resistances cold and physical


  • if playing using the weak template then he DOESN’T have access to level 7 spells
  • his bones of stone action has the incapacitation trait (which shouldn’t matter as even weakened he’s a higher level than the PCs)

Smart enough to:

  • keep his guards alive (wont use cone of cold or fireball whilst they’re in the area)
    • Will be happy once they’re gone and really let loose
  • Will chain lightening targeting slowest PC first (to avoid the crit fail block)
  • Has a phylactery – so is never in any danger therefore:
    • Dangerous when hurt. Cannot escape or heal so will try to kill someone with him “He Who Makes and Unmakes”
    • Wont try to barter for his unlife – doesnt have diplomacy or deception deceive PCs
  • Wants to learn secrets of shrine (low Wis) – has crit failed a decipher writing, not trained in religion
  • will use dialogue rounds to roll knowledge checks against PCs (and will drop hints to this in conversation as he learn of their magical abilities level 11 PCs should have a DC of 28+ very hard modifier=28+5 = 33, so using arcana of 27 he need to roll a 6 or higher to glean information about their spellcasting abilities )
  • He is an intelligent caster will know WITHOUT a knowledge check
    •     Generally humans can’t see in the dark but him and his guards can
    • Will target weak saves (class saving throw progression here):
      • Heavy/medium armour will have high fort, lower reflex saves
      • Light armour, finesse,bows will have high reflex 
      • Clerics/druids will have high will
      • Weakest Will (@ lvl 11): (fighter, barbarian, alchemist, ranger, rogue, sorc, swash, witch, wizard, summoner) – target whoever is likely to have the lowest WIS
      • Weakest Reflex (@ lvl 11): anyone except monk ranger rogue swash (all these have evasion)
      • Weakest Fort (@lvl 11): (bard, cleric, druid, invest, oract, rogue, sorc, swash, witch, wiz, magus )- target whoever is likely to have the lowest CON
  • Will never use:  
    • melee staff or hand or rock (cantrips are better)
    • Grim tendrils or ray of enfeeblement
    • Paralyse (incap), slow(unless already cast flesh to stone), fly or blindness (incap)
    • Any spell below 5th level with the incapacitate trait
  • Does not know about hero points
  • May summon even though is not a great option [see drain phylactery] – because that’s what he’s here researching
  • Cast cloudkill centered on self for defence (instead of mirror image), as he’s immune to poison and can use aoe to bypass the flat check
  • Will focus fire on anyone with a magic bludgeoning weapon (even if doing so provokes because of steady spellcasting) – which includes his guards if mind controlled/confused
  • Will use chilling darkness to extinguish the light sources in the room if there are human PCs without Darkvision


  • Learn if PCs can decipher the writing in the room
  • Make any deal to secure the PC’s aid but betrays them immediately after (and has no deception so PCs will likely already know something is amiss)
  • Deliver the PCs to Laslun ALIVE (she is, after all, a slaver)

Prepared Spells and Abilities

7th cone of cold (12d6[42] Ref), eclipse burst (8d10 +8d4[64] Ref & blind); 

6th chain lightning (8d12[52] Ref), dispel magic, flesh to stone (slow & Fort); 

5th black tentacles (Atk vs Fort grab & 3d6[10.5]), cloudkill (6d8[27] Fort poison+ conc), fireball (10d6[35] ref)

4th fly, lightning bolt (5d12[32.5] Ref), phantasmal killer (8d6[28] Will +Fort); 

3rd blindness (Fort), paralyze(Will), slow (Fort); 

2nd magic missile (1d4+1/action), mirror image, telekinetic maneuver (Fort/Ref); [NO POINT Height magic missile]

1st grim tendrils (2d4+1[6]), ray of enfeeblement (×2 Fort);

Cantrips (7th) acid splash (atk 3d6+5[15.5]+3sph), ray of frost (atk 7d4+5[22.5]),

Melee staff av Damage bludgeoning (17,21)

Melee hand (magical), Damage and touch (18)

Ranged Damage bludgeoning (19)

Stones of Bone Melee Damage and touch (32)

Emergency strategies

Drain Phylactery [reaction] Frequency once per day; Effect Jaggaki taps into his phylactery’s power to cast any arcane spell up to the highest level he can cast, even if the spell being cast is not one of his prepared spells. His phylactery doesn’t need to be present for him to use this ability. ->


Round 1

Cast 3A black tentacles on the exit to the room to prevent anyone from escaping, or centered on two ore more casters

Guards should focus attacks on casters (first action, and then grapple with 2nd) – they’re unlikely to hit but you can use their 2a hit if you wan to make things easier on your party.

Round 2

Chain lightening targeting lowest reflex first, plus bone of stone touch. Alternatively may move out of melee and mirror image if necessary

Round 3

if melee attackers closer then and self target with Cloudkill to gain concealed if necessary (but will avoid damaging guards if possible), plus bone of stone against any ranged attackers (targeting those with weak fort)

Round ??

Dispel magic/ flesh to stone on whoever has a weak fort or a great buff

Round 4/5

Once his guards are dead can self target an eclipse burst to burn off/blind any melee attackers (resistant to cold and not impacted by the negative effects of the spell (but has to make a fort save against blindness I thin) )


RAW as a reaction can cast a 7th level animate dead and gain a CR 9 ally (but that requires a sustain action each turn so is generally worse than keeping up with single action bone of stone

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